Employment in BPO / SSC / ITO sector

Do you want to change scenery? Maybe you would like to gain some international work and life experience in Poland!

Poland is still one of the undiscovered pearls of Europe, which is on its way to become a new economic giant. Poland´s centuries old cultural heritage and location in the heart of Central Europe are what attracts tourists who want to spend an unforgettable holiday either in the medieval cities, the wild Tatra mountains, or on the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. In addition to all that, Poland has become “a New Ireland” that attracts hundreds and hundreds of young Europeans, who head there to gain some international work experience and explore something new.

Poland is at the moment the Europe´s number one destination for foreign business process outsourcing (BPO) and shared service centers (SSC). The city of Cracow currently holds the 10th position in the world’s top outsourcing destinations ranking, just one step behind Dublin. Most of the major global corporations are present in Cracow, while the number of BPO/ SSC centers already exceeds 60, including such BPO companies as Accenture, Capgemini and IBM, as well as SSCs of Amway, Google, Heineken, UPM Kymmene and Shell. The total number of centers in Poland exceeds 350 and they employ about 110 000 people as of 2013. During the last years, the sector has been growing at approximately 10-20% per year.

At Barona, we work hard to find the right talent for our clients in BPO/ ITO sector in the whole Poland. Our aim is to bring together the multilingual talent and the best employers. The Barona team has a long experience in recruitment and personal work experience in this sector. Therefore, we are able to understand the needs of our clients and candidates. 

What kind of tasks

Generally, jobs in the BPO / SSC sector are related to finance and accounting, customer service, sales and marketing, IT support, and HR. While previous experience and education are an advantage in more challenging tasks, the one major requirement in the sector are good language skills. Beside good knowledge of English, at least one additional European language is often required, such as Dutch, German, Italian, or more exotic ones such as one of the Nordic languages. The market’s rapid growth and competition of talent have opened wide the doors to native speakers as well. Due to their language skills, they often have access to interesting jobs with good compensation in the Polish market. At the moment, the most desired languages are the above-mentioned Nordic languages and Dutch, but German, Russian and French speakers are also needed around Poland. Besides very good language skills, previous experience at least in customer service is an advantage, but companies often give an intensive training for entry level positions.

Whether you are a native speaker or a Pole with a great talent for different foreign languages, at your work you will have an opportunity to use the market’s newest equipment and systems (SAP, Oracle) and to work in A class office buildings that are often located along good transportation routes.  In addition to that, you will have full support of a talented and multicultural team.


In Poland, there are some interesting and diversified jobs in an international environment waiting for you, as well as motivating salaries and development opportunities. Most of the companies also provide private healthcare, additional life insurance, and different kinds of sports and cultural benefits. If you move outside of Poland, you are often granted a special relocation package and help in arranging daily issues. Therefore, it is very easy to take the next step or turn the new page in your life, and all this while working for the market leading brands. 


Poland is the biggest country in Central Eastern Europe with about 38 million inhabitants. It is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, while the great Tatra mountains rule the landscape in the South. The average flight duration to major European cities is only about 2 hours.  Poland’s capital is Warsaw, with its 1.8 million citizens, a true European metropolis with a colorful history. Other big cities are Cracow, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and Katowice, which are also home for most of those 350 business process outsourcing and shared service centers. 

Poland became a member of the EU in 2004 and therefore EU citizens doesn´t need work permit, which makes it easier to start a new job and relocate if needed. Due to the EU membership, Poland has finally become a part of the center of Europe, and through the last two decades it has been the only country in Europe whose economy has grown. This stable growth makes it an even more interesting destination for foreign investments that create more and more new employment opportunities for Poles and foreigners. 

Poland has a very strong cultural influence in Europe thanks to well-known scientists Nikolaus Kopernikus and Marie Curie, the late pope of the Roman Catholic Church John Pope II, who was born near Cracow and spent most of his life in the city. Also, composer Frederic Chopin and movie directors Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieslowski and Roman Polanski have had their part in the cultural influence. Neither should we forget Lech Wałęsa, who led the re-independence of Poland in the beginning of the 90s. Today, everyone can see and feel the cultural heritage in the shape of extremely beautiful architecture from the 19th century, as well as the nature with long sandy beaches and high mountains.

The price level in Poland is still very attractive for visitors from Northern and Western Europe, and it makes the salary level in the BPO / SSC sector competitive when compared to other European purchasing powers. Living costs are generally much lower than e.g. in Nordic countries, while the cost of services, food and living are about 30-70% cheaper. Thanks to that, about 30% lower incomes will allow living standards even higher than in many other countries. Besides enjoying the attractive price level, you can experience the Central European culture and gain valuable international work experience.

How can I join the journey of a lifetime?

If you are an open-minded and outgoing person looking for new challenges and you wish to work in an international environment, don´t hesitate anymore and send us your CV! Just remember to be open to change and Barona will help you find an international career path in Poland.

To learn more check our open job positions or just send us your CV. You can also call our consultants at +48 12 341 42 65 and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.